Builders & Realtors – Working Together

Cheryl Rymal - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

At times, it can be portrayed as a war between home builders and real estate agents. This “war” comes from a gorge of dislike and distrust that has existed between builders and Realtors. And, in many cases, has prevented powerful partnerships from working together to increase mutual success.

However, times are changing and more agents and builders are working closely together. Builders realize and respect the fact that real estate agents are a large source of sales for them and are making strides to bridging the gap that used to exist previously between builders and real estate agents.

As president and owner of a custom home building company, we sought out our Realtors, marketed to them, offered them incentives and budgeted for commissions on 50 percent of our sales. This was probably our largest marketing investment. For us, this was worth receiving less profit in order to establish a working relationship with our realtors. In our opinion, without the help of our local realtors, a lot of the potential customers would have never entered our doors.

We will continue to bridge the gap by working with our realtors, establishing mutual respect and trust and building relationships that will last a lifetime! 

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