New Year and Resolutions…

Cheryl Rymal - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As we come close to the end of another year, we start setting ambitious goals to become the best, truest, happiest and most fulfilled version of ourselves. Resolutions become our start to the New Year. However, only about 8% of the people follow through on their New Year’s resolutions. The reason? Most resolutions are too hard to keep.

Here are 3 resolutions that are easy to follow but will change your life for the better:

  1. Breathe More Deeply…deep breaths fill the lungs which allows oxygen to get to the brain quicker and helps the brain to perform at its peak. Start making a conscious decision to stop during your busy day just to breathe in. It’s amazing how it will lower your stress and help you to be more productive!
  2. Smile More Frequently…smiling releases endorphins into your brain which puts you in a good mood. A simple smile can go a long way toward improving your health and making your life better. And, when you smile, the world is brighter!
  3. Feel More Grateful…Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient. It strengthens relationships, improves health and reduces stress. 
Don’t make the same ole’ resolutions of dieting or exercising more….make a resolution that heals the soul and brings joy to others! Happy New Year! May the days ahead hold many blessings for you and yours. 

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