The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Cheryl Rymal - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When deciding on buying a new home, there are many decisions to make – from location, style, amenities, realtors and types of financing. One other important decision is to whether purchase an existing home or build a new custom home. There are many benefits to building your custom home over purchasing an existing property.

Building a New Home Offers Customization

When buying an existing home, you are almost certain to discover issues that you must learn to live with. Perhaps there aren’t enough closets, or you wish you have more outlets in the study, maybe the kitchen cabinets are not exactly your taste, or maybe you wished there was a powder room. Yes, there is the possibility of renovation, but that can be costly, very inconvenient and have caused strains on relationships.

With new construction, you have many options from creating your personal floor plan and elevation to deciding on finishing details. With Largo-CR homes, we’ll make sure that everything that goes into your custom home is based upon your wants and desires. We will even point out the pros and cons while designing your home. With existing properties, you can spend several weeks or months changing things to suit your preferences. When moving into a custom home, all that needs to be done is getting settled into your new environment.

Building a New Home Saves Time and Money

When you move into a custom home, everything is new from HVAC all the way down to plumbing fixtures. When purchasing an existing property, even the most thorough inspection cannot identify every potential problem. You are basically taking on someone else’s problems. 

With new construction, you are getting materials that are engineered to require less maintenance. Composite materials typically used on the exterior of new construction are less likely to rot or require painting than wood trim and siding commonly used even a decade ago. Buyers are also assured by the warranties that come with new construction. The builder will typically cover any needed repairs for at least the first year. Largo-CR Homes has been known to take care of their customers many years after they move in.

The Best Benefit of all…

Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a new custom home is that you get what you want. While this feature is pretty obvious, there are many more benefits beyond customization that can make building a new home a more practical and economical choice than purchasing a pre-owned home that may have problems you cannot see.

If you are considering a custom home, let Largo-CR Homes be your Builder of Choice. Contact us today to learn more.

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